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OIL, LUBE, AND FILTER Oil changes keep engines healthy. With regular oil changes, your engine will run smoothly for a significantly long time. DOT AND CUSTOMER REQUIRED INSPECTIONS State Department of Transportation's (DOT) require inspections for safety assessments. Fallon Automotive is certified to conduct these inspections. In addition to DOT inspections, we handle customer-required inspections.


CLUTCH Clutches need periodic servicing and replacing. Fallon Automotive has engine experts who will ensure that all of your truck or fleet clutch issues are addressed. DIFFERENTIAL Your fleet of trucks requires periodic differential repairs and replacement. At Fallon Automotive, we offer differential repair, rebuild, or maintenance services for trucks. DRIVE LINE To solve drive line problems, you need to have worn-out lubricant and engine parts replaced. At Fallon Automotive, we will ensure that you experience smoother gear shifting. TRANSMISSION For everything from transmission rebuilding to transmission repair and transmission replacement, trust Fallon Automotive.


KING PINS To avoid accidents arising from turning problems, make sure your truck's king pin is regularly checked and serviced by experts at Fallon Automotive.
POWER STEERING To ensure driving safety, make sure your truck's power steering is regularly serviced. Fallon Automotive can keep your power steering running smoothly. SPRING AND U BOLTS U-bolts are U-shaped bolts with screw threads on both ends. For all of your spring and U-bolt needs, visit Fallon Automotive.


BRAKE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Faulty truck brakes put the truck, the driver, the load, and other users at risk. Bring in your vehicle so that we can diagnose your brake problems and offer high quality brake work. AIR BRAKES Although powerful and effective, air brakes need consistent, thorough maintenance. We have qualified and experienced mechanics who will work on your truck's air brakes. HYDRAULIC BRAKES With time, the hydraulic brake components wear out and thus need replacement. For all of your hydraulic brake needs, get in touch with Fallon Automotive.


BATTERIES AND CABLES We offer excellent replacement batteries and cables for your vehicle. Call or stop by and we will make sure you find the best fit for your vehicle. BREAKERS AND FUSES We carry an assortment of breakers and fuses for your truck's needs. To find out more abou the breakers and fuses that we carry, talk to our experts. LIGHTS Fallon Automotive carries a wide variety of lights that provide 180 degrees fo uninterrupted illumination. For all of you vehicle's lighting needs, we are here to help you. SPARK PLUGS A spark plug channels the electrical current to ignite the fuse. Like many parts of your vehicle, a spark plug wears out. When it does, call us up to get it taken care of for you. STARTERS AND ALTERNATORS A starter converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The alternator charges your vehicle's battery. Are you looking for a new starter or alternator? Let us help you! WIRING AND SWITCHES We can replace faulty wiring and switches in your vehicle to keep you on the road. If you have any electrical issues, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


BELTS AND HOSES Working belts and hoses lead to a properly working engine of your truck. For belts and hoses maintenance and replacement services, visit Fallon Automotive today. COOLING SYSTEM At Fallon Automotive, we can service or replace radiators, fans, water pumps, hoses, thermostats, and pressure caps. EXHAUST For exhaust repairs, exhaust modifications, or exhaust replacements, get in touch with Fallon Automotive today. WATER PUMPS If the water pump develops a leak or the hub becomes loose and noisy, you need to have it replaced. For any such concern, Fallon Automotive is your next stop. ENGINE At Fallon Automotive, we have engine specialists who will make sure your truck’s engine is giving you the performance you need.


AIR SPRING The purpose of air suspension is to provide a smooth, constant ride. Trust the experts at Fallon Automotive when your truck’s airbag suspension needs service, repair, or replacement. EQUALIZERS Equalizers have many advantages such as fuel economy, increased safety, increased power, reduced tire wear, improved steering, and improved braking. For all your suspension equalizer needs, Fallon Automotive can help you. HANGERS Hangers are an effective way to enhance your truck’s driving stability, handling, and suspension response. Whether you want to lower or raise your truck using hangers, Fallon Automotive offers quality hangers at affordable prices. SHOCKS With shock absorbers, you will be able to take your truck to places you never thought possible. Fallon Automotive has you covered for all your shock servicing, repair, and replacement needs. TORQUE ARMS Torque arms prevent axle rotation in hub motors. If your vehicle’s torque arms are not functioning properly, Fallon Automotive is ready to help you. WALKING BEAMS Fallon Automotive specializes in servicing walking beams of your vehicles. We offer superior services at affordable prices.


BEARINGS For your bearing services and replacement needs, visit or call Fallon Automotive. We offer a huge selection of wheel bearings, and also have the expertise to do repairs. HUBS You can have a safer and smoother ride by replacing your warped and worn out wheel hubs. Let Fallon Automotive replace your worn-out hubs today. SEALS To keep contamination out and retain lubricant in the bearings to avoid premature failure, have the seals replaced with new ones. Connect with Fallon Automotive today! STUDS Damaged wheel studs should be replaced with new ones immediately. To have your truck’s wheel studs replaced with high-quality ones, call or visit Fallon Automotive today. NUTS Worn out nuts mean the wheel is not fixed securely on the vehicle. To have your truck’s wheels securely fastened to the hub, contact or visit Fallon Automotive today.


To keep your goods safe, make sure your truck’s doors and floors are secure and strong. At Fallon Automotive, we will fit your trucks and trailers with specialty roll-up doors as well as quality floors at affordable prices. LIGHTS
To increase your safety and the safety of other road users, make sure your truck’s lights are in good working condition. Have the lights and the lighting system checked by the experts at Fallon Automotive. BRAKES
Faulty brakes put you and other road users at great risk. Faulty brakes increase the chances of collisions. If your truck has braking issues, visit or call Fallon Automotive today. Our brake experts will diagnose and work on your truck’s braking system efficiently. SUSPENSION
With a faulty suspension system, the truck’s performance and handling will be greatly affected. To have your truck’s suspension system checked, repaired or replaced by suspension experts, contact or visit Fallon Automotive today. LANDING GEAR
A landing gear incorporates the wheels, suspension, brakes, traction motors, and powered units. In case of faulty landing gear, don’t delay to contact Fallon Automotive.

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